The last few weeks have been pretty windy and wavy at Sabal Beach as is normal for late July.  We were, however, surprised to see the wind had blown over one of our chairs – or so we thought initially.

After righting the chair and upon a bit closer inspection we noticed a set of tracks coming up the beach.  Being the consummate trackers that we are we immediately thought ‘That is strange that someone was here’ until we realized the prints were not footprints….


It took us a few minutes to be certain but after a bit of research we were convinced that a turtle had crawled up the beach to nest the night before.  The picture above shows the tracks going inland from the sea.

Following the tracks led us to two holes which, whether for camouflage or other reasons, the mother turtle dug but decided not to use:


This hole was about 10″ deep and amazingly circular in shape for being dug by a flipper. There was another not quite as deep about 5′ away as well.

Continuing to follow the tracks led us to a sandy area that had obviously been disturbed. We can not be 100% certain but we are pretty sure that this is where the turtle actually nested.


We should know in about 60 days when hopefully we see baby turtles following their mother’s path back to the water!


More to come, hopefully, towards the end of September!

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