Today marks five years that Sabal Beach has been a licensed hotel in Belize. Undoubtedly the best thing about the decision to rent the cabanas, other than giving us an excuse to live full-time on the beach in Belize, has been meeting some of the great people that we have had as guests. It would be hard to prioritize the other pluses but definitely one of the top 5 is being able to list ‘Hotelier’ on Customs and Immigration forms when we travel.

They never quite seem to know what to do with us with regard to occupation and I am not certain if it is because they are not always certain of the definition of the word or they are wondering why we do not necessarily look like what they imagine a ‘Hotelier’ should look like.¬†Either way it usually gives us a private chuckle when Immigrations gets to that box and does a double take.

To all of our past guests Thank You for making it a memorable time! For the rest of you we hope to meet you in the future.


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