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Belize it or not - we arrange transport for 90%+ of our guests.

The journey to Sabal Beach is part of the adventure.  It sounds trite, but truly no matter how you do it the trip here is beautiful.  Flying south from Belize International Airport (BZE) gives one gorgeous views of the rivers and coast.  Overland you get to experience the Hummingbird Highway which is a scenic drive in itself.  Once you take to the water the trip along the coast and through the mangroves gets even better.

Trying to plan the logistics of local travel in Belize can often seem daunting.   We understand that and have arranged in-country travel for the vast majority of our guests from / to Belize International Airport.  We do this for no markup or additional fee once you have confirmed your reservation.

Getting to the south from Belize International Airport.


Flying south from Belize International Airport (BZE) is the easiest and quickest way to get to Sabal Beach.  From the time you clear Customs at BZE you can be sitting on the dock at Sabal Beach about 3 hours later.   Flights from BZE to Placencia are approximately $120US each way per person.

On the reverse trip you can always make it from Sabal Beach back to BZE the same day of your international flight if you are so inclined.

If you are looking to spend some time inland in Toledo before joining us flying to Punta Gorda is about $20 more but well worth saving the time on the road.


Car Rental

It does not make sense for most of our guests to rent a car and drive themselves south unless they are in-country for a lengthy stay and with us for only a short period of time.  Rental cars in Belize are very expensive compared to most countries and you will usually save money not paying to leave the car sitting idle while here at Sabal Beach and fly instead.


There are a number of shuttle companies in Belize and for 4+ people it will save you a bit of money, but not time, to use them to reach southern Belize.  Unfortunately for 1 or 2 people the costs usually work out to still be better to fly unless you are able to share a shuttle with others.


The cheapest way to reach the south from BZE is to take the bus.  We do this ourselves at times but it can be a bit much for the uninitiated.  Riding an old school bus that was retired decades ago from N. America for 6-8 hours, sometimes not getting a seat for part of the journey (or not even getting on the bus if it is full), dealing with the local drunk or the passenger that could use a lesson in hygiene, etc. is not everyone’s idea of a good way to start a vacation.

We do typically take our own family and friends on a bus ride to show them how real life is in Belize but usually an hour or two trip with no connections rather than through half of the country.  If, however, you are in Belize for the long-haul and have gotten a feel for the place it is about $20 US to get from BZE to Placencia if you have the time and demeanor to make the trip.

Once in southern Belize - What next?

Whether you are embarking from Placenia or Punta Gorda we will arrange a driver to meet you and take you shopping for provisions and any last minute items you need.  The drivers we use have worked with us for years and we use them personally.  They are good people and will make sure you are looked after.  Once done shopping they will bring you to the dock where you will meet one of the licensed and experienced captains that we use for the final leg of the trip to Sabal Beach.

From Placencia the trip is approximately 45 minutes and is $150 US per boat (not per person) each way for up to 4 people.

From Punta Gorda the trip is approximately 60 minutes and is $175 US per boat (not per person) each way for up to 4 people.

From Guatemala or Honduras.

From Guatemala:

Make your way to Puerto Barrios and catch one of the 3-4 ferries daily that land in Punta Gorda.  From there we can have a driver meet you, take you shopping and bring you to the next boat for your trip to Sabal Beach.   If you are in the Peten write us to discuss routes.

There is also a ferry that comes to Punta Gorda directly from Livingston on certain days.

From Honduras:

If you are on the Bay Islands there is a boat that goes to Placencia weekly.  Alternatively you can make your way overland to Puerto Barrios and catch a ferry to Punta Gorda.

We have traveled extensively in Central America.  If you would like help figuring out how to get here please contact us.

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