A large part of what makes living at Sabal Beach ideal is our community. The physical beauty of this area is fantastic but the people truly make it a special place. Over the years we have contributed to that community where and when we could and continue to do so. Our focus is primarily on Education but we also support initiatives that include Environment and / or Equality.

This page is an extension of our past efforts and hopefully a way to build a broader group of involved people over time. Please take a look at the campaigns Sabal Beach is currently sponsoring below and if you can participate please do so.

If you can not participate directly please help us to spread the word by sharing the campaigns from the actual campaign page on Social Media as you feel appropriate.


Featured Project:

Coconut Planters

  1. Coconut Planters

    High school is not free in Belize. The Coconut Planters campaign allows Punta Negra's students to earn money for school expenses while learning about business and entrepreneurship.
    $170.00 donated

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  2. School Supplies

    Coming to Punta Negra and have some extra room in your bags? Our one-room school is perpetually undersupplied, underfunded and can always use a few items if you are so inclined.
    $100.00 donated

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Donation Stats

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