Coconut Planters

High school is not free in Belize. The Coconut Planters campaign allows Punta Negra's students to earn money for school expenses while learning about business and entrepreneurship.
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Planters are finished coconut shells mounted on driftwood. Dimensions average 5″ in height by 7″ to 9″ in length but all are unique and handmade.

First Prototypes!

First Prototypes – July 2016.

Students in Belize are required to pay tuition for high school as well as buy books, uniforms, transportation, etc. The Coconut Planters campaign gives primary students in Punta Negra a method to earn money toward school expenses while learning business fundamentals and entrepreneurship.

We believe it is better to teach students to produce a product than hope for a handout. This campaign also focuses on sustainability by using materials that were previously considered waste yet are readily available in Punta Negra.

Students learn materials sourcing, production, quality control, distribution, inventory control and rudimentary accounting. Perhaps most importantly, students are shown they have the ability to improve their situation in life through proactive effort.

Every planter is handmade by one of the students in Punta Negra. Students gather, husk, cut, sand, apply teak oil, varnish and assemble each piece individually.

The coconut meat is used to make virgin coconut oil by the parents thereby using each coconut to its maximum potential. It takes more time to ensure the shell is intact but the end result is two products with almost zero waste.

If you are not in Belize to pick up a planter or the ‘coconut’ theme doesn’t exactly go with your decor don’t despair! Click the “Donate” button to view options to gift a planter here in Belize or send one anywhere in the world.

Please note: Prices are in U.S. dollars. With the exception of PayPal fees for online donations, 100% of funds go directly to students and supplies (teak oil, varnish, sandpaper and the occasional saw or grater) for this program. All overhead costs are absorbed by Sabal Beach.

Questions? Want to place a special order? Please Contact Us.

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