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Your driver will stop between the airport and dock in either Placencia or Punta Gorda so you can pick up groceries.  Shopping can be a cultural experience in Belize and we recommend that you shop yourself to ensure you get exactly what you want and can make decisions / substitutions on-the-fly. We can, however, arrange a provisioning service to have your items ready and waiting as you reach the boat for the final leg of the trip to Sabal Beach. If you elect to use the third party provisioning service we work with their fee is $75.00 US plus the actual cost of supplies (receipts provided).

Getting to Sabal Beach.

The easiest way to reach Sabal Beach is to fly one of the local airlines (Tropic Air or Maya Island Air) from Belize International Airport (BZE) to Placencia. We will arrange a driver to pick you up as your local flight lands, take you shopping for supplies and bring you to a chartered boat for the final leg of the journey through the mangroves and along the coast to Sabal Beach.  We often book in-country travel for confirmed guests for no additional fee and would be happy to do so for you. Please see more detailed information here: Getting To Sabal Beach Belize

What if I forget something?

There is absolutely nowhere to shop in Punta Negra so try not to.  Having said that, we try to keep extra necessities here but can not anticipate everyone’s needs.   A boat can always be arranged to take you to town for a supply run or if you do not feel like making the trip yourself an order can be placed with a third party provisioning service and one of our captains will pick your items up and deliver them to the dock at Sabal Beach.  We have had a number of guests run out of rum early in their trip so for those of you who drink that extra bottle of local rum may not be a bad investment!

Cooking / Dining Out.

Many of our previous guests chose to stay at Sabal Beach because they enjoy having time to cook or have specific diets. The cabanas have fully equipped kitchens with everything you will need.  Despite that it is nice to not have to cook every meal on vacation.  The restaurant in the village of Punta Negra is just over a mile south of Sabal Beach and is a 30 minute walk or a 60 minute stroll.  The restaurant only opens when expecting guests (we will call ahead for you) so everything is always fresh and you will be served by some of the best Belizean cooks in the south!

What do you mean by off-grid?

We generate 99% of our electricity via an on-site 4.9kWh solar system and are not connected to any electrical company. On the rare event that we have 3+ days of consistent cloudiness we do have a generator backup to top off the system.  Our water comes from a rain catchment system and is the softest water you will find.  Locals have been drinking rain water forever but we do provide 5 gallon jugs of professionally purified water for consumption.  We compost appropriate matter and have installed hi-efficiency bio-digesters from a local Belizean company.  We ask that guests be conscious of electrical and water usage but you will likely not even realize you are off-grid otherwise.

What’s the nightlife like?

If you are looking for a party other than what you bring yourself Sabal Beach is not the place for you.  Having said that, the dock, in addition to being an OK place to tie up a boat, makes an amazing drinking platform – especially on a clear night when the stars are out!  Nobody here will care if you get drunk and dance in the moonlight but there will not be too many other people to do it with.  If that is your idea of a good time we hope to see you soon.  It is easy to find a crowd in modern society but not as easy to find a gorgeous spot to connect with a particular person or nobody at all these days.  Sabal Beach epitomizes the latter.

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