As we were sitting down to lunch today there was a cacophony of trees rustling, bush being trampled, twigs snapping and berry munching.  Having grown used to even small birds here making a disproportionate amount of noise for their size in the woods around Sabal Beach initially I disregarded it but soon it was apparent this was no bird.

Making my way out to the deck (which is 12+ feet above the ground just in case it was something I did not really care to meet face to face) I was surprised to catch a glimpse of 3 Collared Peccary eating their way through the underbrush.

They were hungry and on the move so by the time I was able to grab a camera and get back to the deck they had unfortunately moved on for the most part but I was able to get a good shot of one of the smaller ones on the edge of the bush.

Luckily during lunch the three of them decided to head to the southern end of the property via the beach and I was able to get a few clear shots of them together.  This is the first time we have seen these at Sabal Beach so it was a rare treat.

It was pretty amazing to see how relaxed they were until all 3 looked at me at once when I got within about 15 feet of them.  I was glad they decided to scurry for cover since at that point I was beginning to have images of them trying to chomp on me rather than the berries.

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