Five years ago our first introduction to Punta Negra, Belize came from happening to be at the dock in Punta Gorda the morning of the first Punta Negra Beach Bash.  Someone asked if we wanted to go to a beach party for $20 round trip and we figured ‘why not?!’

Today was the 5th Annual Punta Negra Beach Bash which was also a fundraiser for the local school.  We planned our schedule to return from a little vacation in Merida, Mexico to coincide with this event.  Like many things in Belize we did not need to worry about being at the dock on time (we got there at 8AM) but by 10AM we were underway headed back to Punta Negra.

Having worked on the fundraising side of the equation prior to heading to Mexico we were happy to arrive and see the party already underway with plenty of boats having arrived ahead of ours!


As we arrived the boat for the kayak race was heading to Monkey River for the 5 mile race back to Punta Negra so we had nothing better to do then head to the bar for a few cocktails and wait.  All it really takes for a bar in Belize is a bottle of rum and maybe some ice but this one had a little bit of flare to it.  No doubt there would be more and better pictures here if not for the quality of Belizean rum and an attentive bartender!


One of the nice things about this event is that many people who often are not at Punta Negra but have ties to the area have a chance to get together and catch up as a community without a lot of distraction other then a football game, sack race, kayak race or just splashing about in the sea.


No Belizean affair is ever complete without good food and there was plenty of that as well. Paula Jacobs, the village council chairwoman for Punta Negra and her sister Suzette never fail to impress with their cooking skills.  It may look similar to the bar but between the two stalls everyone was kept fed and ‘hydrated’ throughout the day.


After awhile the drummers from Punta Gorda arrived as had another group of boats.  The drummers were great and a few of the local kids took the opportunity to show off their dancing skills.



We had brought our kayaks down for the race but it turned out they were not needed so a few of the local kids took the opportunity to paddle about.  It didn’t seem all that important to let them know they were both paddling them backwards at the time…….


Later in the afternoon there was a football game as well as coconut husking, sack race and a few other activities but after just getting back from Mexico we decided to call it a day and head back to Sabal Beach.

The 6th Annual Punta Negra Beach Bash will be the third or fourth weekend in May of 2013. Let us know if you want to participate!  Everyone is welcome and it is always a fun time!

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