Sabal Beach • Secluded Eco-Tourism Retreat

Updates & News From Off The Grid In Southern Belize

Sea Turtle Nesting!

The last few weeks have been pretty windy and wavy at Sabal Beach as is normal for late July.  We were, however, surprised to see the wind had blown over one of our chairs - or so we thought initially. After righting the chair and upon a bit closer inspection we...

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5th Annual Punta Negra Beach Bash!

Five years ago our first introduction to Punta Negra, Belize came from happening to be at the dock in Punta Gorda the morning of the first Punta Negra Beach Bash.  Someone asked if we wanted to go to a beach party for $20 round trip and we figured 'why not?!' Today...

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January 2012 sightings

So far 2012 is off to a good start for catching some of the local wildlife on film. We wanted to share a few of our recent visitors with you but hopefully at some point you will be here to experience this without needing a camera!  For a larger view you can click the...

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